The Effect of Cocaine to the Brain

The research I’ve done is about cocaine and how it affects your brain and your neurons. I will also be talking about the side effects of cocaine and how cocaine damages your brain. I am talking about this topic because of a book I read called “The Teenage Brain” by Frances Jensen some of the parts of the book talked about neurons, and I question myself. What does cocaine do to your brain? Young people need to understand that cocaine is damaging the brain because it can affect the neurons and cardiovascular systems.

The truth The about taking cocaine is it can be like poison. Large amount of cocaine is like poison, and it can most likely kill you. It can make you lose your appetite when you take the drug. Large amounts can also cause you to have anxiety and can cause you to be paranoid. Cocaine can make you feel energetic, talkative, and more. It can be very addictive after the first time you take it. Cocaine can last different for different people that take it. If you take a single dose it can disappear within a few hours. Dopamine is a chemical that passes across the synapses between neurons. Dopamine is a chemical that is found in the brain and it makes a person feel good. Dopamine is being reabsorbed by neurons. electrical pulses can stop cocaine from passing through the synapse.

The effects of taking cocaine include raising your blood pressure high permanently. Cocaine can also affect your cardiovascular system. Cocaine can also make you develop anxiety, panic disorders or problems with aggression or violence. Cocaine can change your moods and emotional disturbances. Depression can also be caused by taking cocaine. Stress hormones can also be increasing while taking the drug. Crack and cocaine can cause brain damage and damage your neurons. Brain structures can trigger addiction. Abusing cocaine can cause kinds of long term damages.

Using cocaine can cause you to have long term side effects such as liver, kidney, and lung damage. Other long terms effects are destruction of tissue in nose when snorting it. Irritability and mad disturbances. Taking cocaine can cause severe depression, tolerance, addiction, and stress can become increasingly sensitive. Displeasure and negative moods when you don’t take a dose of cocaine.

Young people need to understand that cocaine is damaging the brain because of the effects it has. This research is important because young people need to know the bad effects of cocaine and what It does to your brain. This research changed my perspective because I know now what cocaine does to your brain. This affected my point of view of cocaine because now I know how cocaine affects your body. Knowing what cocaine does to your body is important because you know the effects it does to your body.

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