What is the origin of autism?

My research question was what is the origin of autism i chose this question because i want to know who was the first person that had autism. Another reason i chose this was because autism affects the lives of many people and their families because if their children have autism then the children would have and a hard time learning. So that is why i chose to search the origin of autism to see who had this disorder.

The name autism comes from describing schizophrenia because some people had schizophrenia because if you had that then u would have the same exact symptoms as schizophrenia and the first person that had was a young boy. They didn’t much of it because schizophrenia affects older people and so then they used autism to describe the child that had that so in that case they came to the conclusion to call it autism.

Many people may think autism is a bad disorder because it is on a spectrum but it is not because when you think about many people have it and it not a bad thing. One such person that has had it was temple grandin someone who went to college and invented things with her life because of that she wrote any books. That is why i decided to research the origin of autism to see how many brilliant minds have it. To see the temple grandin’s of the world.

So in conclusion autism is a spectrum disorder and it was use to describe schizophrenia. But then a young boy got it and so people decide to name the disorder autism and then after that happen many cases around the world have occurred. One such case was temple grandin who wrote i dont how many books but she went to college and did things with her life.

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