My research topic was how do people with autism do in school and what challenges/strengths do they have. What got me interested about this topic was the movie we watched which was Temple Grandin.  Autism is a mental condition, and people can support autistic people by being patient and understanding their challenges in order for them to overcome it.

Autism is a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships. For that reason people with that condition or disability have both challenges and strengths in their everyday life. The major struggle I noticed was that they usually have the hardest time in school because of many reasons such as it being social with others. Another is trying to learn a subject they don’t like. Although a strength is being able to learn how to be independent so that when they are adults they can be good.

To start off I will be talking about their challenges that I found from a organization called “Research Autism”. To start off they may have difficulty expressing empathy for others because they may not be understanding the other’s situation which is hard. Most of the time at school they are particularly good at one thing but the problem is that they have to try other subjects which is usually a struggle since they are mostly good at one thing. One final struggle I would like to talk about is screening out background noise. This struggle is big since everyday you have to deal with noise but for their case if one was to be talking to someone then they hear cars they would be thrown off and lose focus.

The important thing is that they also have many strengths in their lives to which I found from an organization called “Autism Speaks”. One strength that really caught my eye was that they have extremely good skills in one specific subject that may actually determine their future career. As I learned from a movie also with much research there are many types of thinkers. The one I focused on was the picture thinkers since I learned about Temple Grandin. What should be happening is people helping them work on that specific subject so they can be successful in life.

In conclusion autism is a mental condition that people can support by being patient and understanding their challenges in order for them to overcome it. The major thing to do is understand the struggles and strengths of them so they can be doing good in life.  Not everyone is the same and it’s important to keep that in mind so that you can support people when they need help.

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