What is ADHD and  do schools and families help students in the classroom who have ADHD? I was interested in this topic because I heard about ADHD but I didn’t really know what it was.  In the chapter Margins to the Mainstream by Temple Grandin talks about how students with Autism need extra help than the other students they are in the classroom with, so how this relates to students who have ADHD because they also will need extra help too. School and families help kids with ADHD by letting them work in group more, working with them one on one so they can get more help,and setting up routines for kids.

ADHD is a learning disability that has to do with regulation of a function. It also is a attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Having a lack of attention is another symptom for ADHD. This means you have a hard time paying attention. A way you could get help with that is shorter classes. ADHD has a lot more things about it but those are the most important aspects for having ADHD. When you have it most people don’t know unless you tell them that you have it. Like they’re normal but they just need help with something that you don’t need help with. But when they have work you can give them accommodated work. (ADHD 20 Tips for Kids)

On the other hand, the best way to help kids with ADHD is to work with the kids one on one and work slowly with them than you work with another student. They demand attention by just talking when they shouldn’t . They don’t like working in groups either and that is because it’s mostly too loud for them. So when you work with them make sure to not work in loud places. It’s way easier for them to work in a nice quiet places . But most people that work with kids with ADHD don’t know how to work with them right . When they sign up for the job they don’t really know how to do the job. It’s kinda hard because you have to learn how to do it yourself.  (ADHD 20 Tips for Kids)

Setting up routines for kids with ADHD is a good thing to do . One thing that you could do for the child is setting up times so they will not be late to class. But if the kids does work with someone or have someone helping all day that wouldn’t be a good thing for them. It wouldn’t be a good thing for them because they have to learn how to work by herself.  Behavior plans are good for kids too. Its is good for them because if they do good the whole week or a different period of time. They could get something they like or want at the end. Organization is an important one. When most people are not organized than its hard for them to be one time when they do something or when they have to find stuff. They might not like the routines when you first have them but after a while they will get use to it. If they don’t like the routines and they say them can do all the stuff with out them you should let them try. But if it doesn’t work they way they thought it would you could just go back to all of the routines and other stuff.This is most likely the easy way to help kids with ADHD. (HELP GUIDE)

So in those paragraphs it told you how you can help kids with ADHD and what’s the best ways to help them. This research will change my way of thinking because I don’t really know what’s wrong with people just by the way they look. They might look different but have ADHD or something else. Know what I already know about my topic I would want to work with people who have ADHD.Not becoming a teacher working with them when i am a kids like if they are at my school .  Also i would want to know what famous people have it and is it easy to work with when they have it.

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