struggles of autism growing up

My research topic is autism. I was interested in this because I wanted to learn about how people worked through the struggles while having autism. This topic relates to Temple Grandin’s chapter From the Margins to Mainstream because it talks about the struggles of autism, and Temple’s chapter talks about her struggles and other people’s struggles. My research question is, “What are the struggles for people with autism of going school and keeping jobs and making friends?” The struggles for people with autism are making friends, keeping a job and going to school.

The struggles kids with autism face are a schedule and routine and confusion with names and subjects Kids with autism in school might struggle with speech because they can’t process the words in their head and they might not think in figure of speech but more in a visual way( ambitious about making friends.). Another struggle is reading social cues( ambitious about making friends); if you roll your eyes  they won’t know what you’re trying to say social cues are facial expressions and people with autism don’t understand it. When people make a face when trying to express something we know what they mean but people with autism don’t understand it’s confusing to them and it’s not the only thing. In general I think it’s hard enough to move and adapt quickly from class to class this might be hard for people with autism they might not transfer as quick or easy(priscilla gilman). If a person with autism makes friend it might be confusing if they have the same name as someone else they know they might get confused with who they talk to they might talk to someone thinking it’s someone else that’s why it’s a challenge(priscilla gilman). people with autism usually have weird or bad behavior, this is common and it’s challenging most of the time but most of the things they do are spin or something that calms they and they tend to do this repeatedly and that’s what make it challenging cause might bring or take the attention of the teacher and that might be a big problem(priscilla gilman ). kids with autism should get a lot of attention of people who can help them with the struggles they face.

The struggle in autism does not stop at school; there are many struggles in finding and keeping a job. when you have a job there are different things you are going to do you might interact with customers you might not so if you do talk to a customer a person with autism might struggle with interacting or communicating the might say something not appropriate and like i said before if they are talking and someone makes a social cue ( facial expression) they will become totally confused and might lash out by not knowing what they mean(ambitious about making friends). People with autism act different and have different behaviors than most people and they might react different to things people say or do to them. If someone with autism is looking to find help at a program and does not have a job they can’t pay for the program and they might not get the help they need. In conclusion what i’m trying to say is people with autism will struggle with  keeping and finding a job but they might be doing it to pay for programs to help them(sunjin kim).

Something you should do if you help someone with autism is fing programs to help them and to talk to them but you should not force them to do anything they don’t want to do if they are the lonley type of person leave them be especially if they prefer it(ambitious about making friends). If someone with autism joins a group they usually do it to feel safe or to have a safe space to talk about stuff and you should support them all the way(ambitious about making friends). Something you should do is teach them good habits at an early age because if they learn at an early age they tend to do it a lot and something else you should do is mirror skills cause at an early age kids tend to pick up on what you do and if you show them good things they will pick up on it, if they don’t pick up on it then you might want to try and fix poor quality cause i will make you look bad it will make you look like you didn’t do good as a friend, parent, or teacher(ambitious about making friends). If a kid with autism has mood swings or actions you might want to improve that cause it can get physical fast and you won’t want that(research autism).

The struggles of autism are long and painful but you can get through it within time and patience. All this research has really changed the way I see things and how I feel towards this and I feel sorry that the things I go through are so much harder for people with autism there whole life. When I see someone with autism I feel different knowing being in school is hard for them. I get mad when the people who help them ignore them or just don’t pay attention to them. I think people with autism should get all the possible help they need.


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