Researcher Spotlight: Saef

My name is Saef-Aldeen and I am a member of the class of 2020. One subject I am interested in is World History, and I would like to learn more about World War 2 and all the events leading up to it. I would like to study 20th century history in college because I think the 20th century had the most controversy, political backlash, and tragedy among st all centuries recorded in human history. I also want to study this subject because it can explain why the world is like the way it is today.

Outside of school, I enjoy playing baseball on my team, but even better, with my father because we bond really well over that. Someone who inspired me is my grandfather on my father’s side because he has traveled so far and has worked really hard to make sure my generation of relatives, and my father’s, could live a good life. He has traveled from the middle east to New York, then Michigan, and then to California. He has raised 6 children who all have had children of their own. One thing I am proud of my family of, is the amount of effort we put in to succeed in America while keeping our Arab heritage. We all do well in school, and take classes on the weekends to learn about our religion and culture. We don’t want to lose our Arab lifestyle.