Can people with a mental disability be successful and find a job?

My research question was how do people view people with a mental disability? I was interested in this topic because I wanted to see how their life is when dealing with a mental condition. My topic is connected to Grandin’s because in the chapter it talks about people with disorder and how it’s difficult for them to learn. My research question was, “How can people with a mental disability be successful and find a job?” People with a mental disability get opportunities, also have very hard time living and set goals for themselves to be able to succeed.

People with a mental disability can have opportunities to make money. Organizations give people a chance with a mental disability/Mental illness to work and earn a living wage while battling their disorder (Jaffee). On the other hand it can be hard for people with a mental disability to find a job because people may not believe that they can handle the work because their disability may get in the way of them working. While working they may think that Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective may mess with there actions and cause behavior issues while working. The owners may think that they are not capable of making the living wage by themselves and will need help by other people or they will be vacational towards customers (Jaffee). In addition other companies make think different, people with a disorder tend to raise up the business production of sells. People with a mental illness tend to change the transmuted of the store while having them work there. When people shop they enjoyed being helped by people that have a disorder (Jaffee). I can conclude that when people give people with disorder a chance to work with them they will bring results, on the other hand people will not want to give them an opportunity to work because they think they’re not capable of working.  When working you might not want to tell the employer about their condition because they might start to think different of them you want the employer to know that you are abnormal. A benefit will be that the employer will treat you different and they are going to understand you better, and will help you when you are having trouble with something.

However people with a mental illness have a very difficult time living and getting treatment to their mental disability especially people of color.  Children who suffer from disability from an early age will be more likely to suffer from it when they become adults (Schwab). I say this because the disability doesn’t just go away it stays with them if they don’t cure themselves at a young age. White people get more treatment with their mental illness and have more of a privileges than people of color (Schwab). I don’t think that right how one race has more of a privilege than others every race should get the same privilege and treatment to their disorder. African-Americans are the most at risk, and have limited access to the health care (Source 10). Everybody should have the same access to treatment, I think it’s not right how one race has more of an advantage in treatment than others. I can conclude that people of color have less privilege and white  people have more of an privilege and advantage in treatment than color people.

My thesis is People with a mental disability get the chance to work and make money, but have a very hard time living life. This research has changed my perspective of seeing people with a mental disability that they get discriminated a lot and that people take advantage of them alot because of their disorder. After reading all these articles I realize that people with a mental disability  were surpassing people’s expectations and completing their objective faster.I want to learn more about their life the way they live while battling the disorder, and how there life is when they get the an older age. As a society we should be able to see that they don’t have the same potential as us but we should help them out.

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