What is Autism? How do They get Bullied and What are the Effect on Bullying?

The topic I chose to write about is autism and what people with autism feel when they get bullied.  I chose this topic since I wanted to know more such as what are the effects that happen when a kid with autism get bullied at school and because I used to bully someone with autism and I want to know what they go through.. It is important for teachers as well as students to intervene when a kid with autism is getting bullied. This relates to Grandin’s chapter because she had autism and had some of the difficulties I will be talking about.

Autism is a disorder that makes it difficult to communicate. (Combating Bullying) “Autism is when someone has ongoing social problems, repetitive behavior, limited interest.” One of the socializing problems is that they may misunderstand phrases such as if someone says a joke and they say “get out of here” can mean to them to actually get away from them. (8 Ways to Help Your Child With Autism Stop Bullying at School.)  “ Most children with autism misunderstand phrases which then leads to the wrong way” I think that we should look out for kids with autism since they really need our help so they can see themselves as a person without autism. Boys are more likely to get autism than girls. (Combating Bullying) “Genetics May Explain Why Autism Is More Common in Boys. When it comes to developmental disorders of the brain, men and women are not created equal. Decades of research have shown that males are at far greater risk for neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) than females.”

Unfortunately, kids with autism are more likely to get bullied in the US. ( What is Autism?) More than 40% percent of kids with autism admitted to their parents of getting bullied. My friends and I  used to bully one of my peers with autism, I  wanted to feel like I was strong by bullying him but really I was hurting that kid until one day I didn’t show up to school and that day my friends got him so upset that he got a meltdown. After that we all had our parents with our parents to reflect and after that meeting I was able to see how I was taking advantage of someone because of their disabilities. I later gave an apology for all the hard times my friends and I made him go through. Now I know that’s not the way to treat someone with disabilities and that we should intervene since we would want someone to intervene for us. In order to stop bullying, there must be close supervision in the cafeteria, school bus, playground, etc.(What is Autism?) “ Most children with autism have said they have gotten bullied in places such as school buses, walking from/to school, cafeteria, playground, and hallways.

One of the ways kids with autism usually reacts to bullying is having a meltdown. When someone has a meltdown, they feel overwhelmed, anger, wanting to throw things, smash things, worth nothing, world would be better without them, etc.  Usually a meltdown can be for a long period of time depending on the situation they are in. I think that meltdowns should happen less and the way we can do that is by supporting our peers everyday and motivate them to do their best.

In conclusion you can see why  teachers are important as well as us to intervene when a kid with autism kid is getting bullied. It has impacted my perspective on bullying autism after reading what they go through every day.Thanks for taking time for reading about my Research-Based Perspective.


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