What causes blindess?

My research topic is blindness. I was interested in this topic because I’ve seen blind people before on the streets and at certain places and was always curious what it’s like and what causes blindness. I was also very curious how blindness can happen as well. Blindness connects to Temple Grandin’s chapter “From Margins to the Mainstream” because while Temple was in college, her roommate was blind and she helped her roommate get around. Therefore, my research question is, “What causes blindness?”. Blindness can caused by things such as head/eye injuries and also can be caused by diseases.

Before learning about what causes blindness, you must know what blindness is. Blindness is the inability to see anything. Some people are fully blind and some people are partially blind, and some people are color blind, When you are fully blind, it’s pitch black, as you can’t see anything, like when your eyes are closed, it’s always like that if you’re fully blind. If you are partially blind, it’s not pitch black, but it’s blurry or you won’t be able to tell the shape of objects. When you are color blind, you can´t see some colors for ex. If a non-blind person sees a red building, the color blind person will see another color, they will not see red (Chitra & Marijane). This is important to know because not everyone is fully blind and different blind people can see different things.  In the article, ¨Blindness¨, the writer talks more about what blindness is for people who don´t know what it is. The author states, ¨Blindness is defined as the state of being sightless. A blind individual is unable to see. In a strict sense the word “blindness” denotes the inability of a person to distinguish darkness from bright light in either eye.¨ (Andrew) This quote explains more to what blindness is and it´s more defined.  

Blindness can be caused at birth for many reasons including abnormalities in the development of the eye and more.  A couple of things that can cause blindness at birth is, prematurely low birth weight/the need to be treated with oxygen at birth or bleeding in the brain(Cause of Vision Loss). These are all some ways that cause blindness at birth and are the reasons some babies are born blind. Another that can cause blindness are diseases or a family history of retinoblastoma, congenital cataracts, or metabolic or genetic disease (Cause of Vision Loss). This is important to know because if you have a family background of diseases to do with the eyes, it may affect you or your descendants.

Blindness can’t just happen at birth, it can be caused by things in life. Therefore, Some things that can cause blindness are head/eye injuries and some diseases. Head injuries such as injuries to your brain/scalp/skull can cause blindness. Also eye injuries such as chlorine getting in your eye or body can cause blindness and anything to injure the eye can cause blindness (Chitra/Marijane & Dennis). Diseases can also cause blindness. Diseases such as Verebrobasilar Circulatory disorders can cause blindness because V.C.D (what I stated before shortened) is a group of diseases in which not enough blood is supplied in the back of the brain. Another disease like, Diabetic Retinopathy, is caused by diabetes and can affect the retina (Leading Cause of Blindness). This shows how blindness doesn’t only happen at birth, but can be caused in various ways.
Blindness can be caused by many things such as head/injury injuries and diseases. Doing this research gave me more ideas about blindness and how it’s caused. Also, now I know more about what blindness is and how it’s caused by things in life. Knowing what I know now, I want to learn more about blindness and more about what causes it and so maybe there is a way to restore vision or how to help decrease the cause blindness.