Researcher Spotlight: Nauyauna

My name is Nauyauna, and I am a member of Class of 2020. I am interested in a lot of things but the #1 thing is nursing, and I would like to research how long does it takes to actually become a registered nurse. I would like to research that because I do know that you have to go to school for a long time to become a nurse but I don’t know the specific amount of years and I feel that that is something I would need to know if I do plan on being a nurse in the future. My favorite subject in school is math and English, because I feel that they do use those skills that you learn in math in English when nursing. For example nurses use math (algebra) when calculating medication dosages. In the future (most likely High school) I plan on taking this Nursing class at Contra Costa College called NURS-205 Drug Dosage Calculations for Nursing Students. That course is basically there to teach you mathematical skills and concepts needed by the professional nurse to safely practice in the clinical setting. In college in I would like to major in Health Psychology, to just learn more about how biology, and psychology behavior and social factors influence health and illness.

Outside of school, I don’t do anything but I do like being with my friends. I feel that being with my friends is the best thing for me, because they make me laugh a lot and laughter is medicine to me. I really don’t have somebody who inspires me, but I do look up to my mom, because she has always told me to be better than her and do more things with my life than her and that really motivates me to do good in school so that I can be a better person than she was. Something that makes me proud about my culture is that even though we’ve been through a lot over the years we have developed a very powerful voice, and I think having a voice is a good thing so that is what makes me proud about being apart of the African American culture.