Researcher Spotlight: Jaynel

My name is Jaynel, and I am a member of the Class of 2020. I am really interested in fashion design, I like to know what’s the new thing that everyone likes. What I would like to research when I’m older is who made the first clothing line ever? What they were thinking when they made it? Also did they want to inspire anyone? I want to learn this because I want to learn where style really started and the timeline of different kinds of clothes. So I can predict what we would be wearing in the future. When I go to college I want to study business, and fashion design. The careers that interest me is being an entrepreneur because I want to be able to have my own business and be able to run it all by myself and call the shots. Or a fashion designer because I like to see what’s the new thing is before everyone else.

I like to play basketball and do things with friends i.e go to the movies the water park etc. The person that inspires me the most is my mom because she came from nothing to something she was a single mother that did a lot to provide for her family. My motivation for excellence is my haters so I can prove to them that they can’t hurt me but I am able to hurt them with my success. Something about me and my family that I admire is that we never give up, and we fight for what we believe in no matter what anyone says. That means a lot to me.