Not Just Autism

I researched Autism Spectrum Disorders. I wanted to research this because I found that learning about autism really gets me thinking also when we learned about Temple Grandin’s life I had many unanswered questions about autism, so I decided that exploring not just autism but other disorders would be just right for me. So my research question was what are some of the Autism Spectrum Disorders and what are the symptoms? Autism Spectrum Disorders is a group of developmental disorders that has a wide rage of symptoms depending on the person.

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a group of different kinds of developmental disorders that range from poor social skills to nonverbal communication. Some of the symptoms are categorized by some of the challenges the person might have depending on the person these include social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and nonverbal communication but on a more positive note you might notice a lot more unique and uncommon strengths (Source 1). This shows that everybody has different types of symptoms. “The term spectrum reflects the wide variation in challenges and strength possessed by each person with autism” (Source 1). Even in the name of the name it explains that everybody is different and will have different intellectual and intelligence levels. Autism Spectrum Disorders is one common name for a wide variety of different types of development and brain disorders (Source 2). Autism Spectrum Disorders varies in different people and the symptoms are different every time.

However there are other disorders connected to autism, for example Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), anxiety, or having phobias are some of the many few. “Certain medical and mental health issues frequently accompany autism” (Source 1). This means that most likely if your were to have these different disorders you have a higher chance of having autism as well. But in the past many of these others disorders weren’t connected to having autism (Source 2). Having one of these Autism DIsorders comes with many other pro’s and con’s. A few con’s is having speech delay, repeating of words, and also having a had time with interacting and connecting with people. Some pro’s are being able to excel in something that really grabs your attention also noticing little details that other people don’t notice (Source 3).

Autism Spectrum Disorder can be called many different things and is many different things, but what’s make them different is the symtoms and how they range from person to person. After researching about autism it’s changed my perspective a lot. I’ve learned that not everybody brain works the same and some people have lots of hidden gifts behind a mental condition.


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