Nature vs. Nurture

There is a lot of debate around the topic of nature vs nurture and the 10,000 hour rule. Many people use their talent to get a head start so that they can accomplish many things. Also many people think that the 10,000 hour rule is going to lead them to success but it is not totally true. Temple Grandin would talk about how she had a hard time learning something but when she used her talents she was able to be more successful. I was interested in this topic because I wanted to know more about how I can use my talents and work hard so that I could be successful. Many people can use their talents to help them accomplish and be successful but the question is why? Why is talent more helpful than hard work how can people use their talent to help them be successful? Using one’s talent and working hard at something will result in success.

Many people see talent as a waste of time and think that if they work hard they will be good at something. Researchers have debated weather hard work is more helpful. Or talent more helpful, but really it depends on the person(What is More Important Talent or Hard Work). People ask themselves all the time how they will be successful but I think that the answer to the question is will they be making an effort at something based on hard work or talent. You also might ask yourself why won’t hard work always help you be successful and also why can’t talent always help you be successful(What is More Important Talent or Hard Work). That’s just the thing: you can use your talent to work hard and make an effort to just be good at what you like doing. You may also ask yourself why work hard if you don’t(Chris). But it is not always about working hard; it can also mean that you need to find a different way to understand it because the specific way that you are learning it doesn’t help you, and that is when your talent comes in to help.  Everyone have their own reason to believe that talent is not helpful and hard work is but if you combine both you will go a greater distance and make more accomplishments.

However many people like to think that talent or no talent, if you work hard for 10,000 hours you will be good at what you work at. Many people like to believe that,”…a nice number to discuss at neighborhood barbecues, but when carefully analyzed, it really isn’t a predictor of greatness” basically what it is trying to say is that for how every number of hours that you work that it will equal success (Creagan). It’s like the 10,000 hour rule many people like to believe that if you work hard for 10,000 hours you will automatically be good at something which is not necessarily true. In addition researchers also believe that,”Talent gives you a head start, but hard work makes you finish the race. We’ve all heard that hard work is the key to success but sometimes the talent overpowers hard work and people get better outcome”(What is More Important Talent or Hard Work). Many people may believe that hard work overpowers talent but not always. Everyone has different perspectives but talent can overpower hard work by itself because without talent and hard work what will you do.

On the other hand, being born with a talent doesn’t mean that you don’t need to work hard; it means that you need to work even harder so that you can be very successful.  It’s like nature vs nurture ;nature being your inborn gift and nurture being what you are becoming good at for example,”Natural talent is an inborn gift for a particular activity. Hard work is a form of natural talent”(Chris). Many positive and negative things can come from working hard and using your talents to help you, but what whatever you choose to do and you do it with a lot of effort it will be easy for you. Natural talent is an inborn gift that may equal success and it you special natural talent and it can equal better performance while hard work and can grow more talent people think that talent won’t help you ever and that hard work can help you develop more talent that you did not know you had. Many people think differently but it’s all up to the person on how they define success. But your inborn gift will lead you to ups and downs but how hard you work and try and use your inborn gift will lead to your success and discovering more.

You using your talent and working hard will help you be successful because if you only use your talent or work hard you will have a harder time leading yourself to success. You need to use all your strengths and weaknesses to help you it is a matter of are you good with just your talent or working hard. I want to learn more about why can’t talent always be very helpful and how can I help someone that only uses their talent to help them use their talent and make sure that they work hard as well.

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