Lives of Celebrities with Austism

Autism is a developmental disorder that is most often found at in early age in children and it affects their communication and connections with people. When people think of autism they mainly think about the children. However, I wondered who these people were once they weren’t children anymore. Especially if there are any celebrities that were living with autism and how it affected them in their lives and careers. I was amazed at the number of important people and those that worked in Hollywood that there actually are.

Who has autism? From my research I have found many celebs that have autism. Some of the celebs you might even know. For example, one of those celebs are Dan Aykroyd. Dan is the creator of “Ghostbusters”. He says that from his experience from autism inspired him to create “Ghostbusters” because he was so obsessed with ghosts (Schocker). There are many other celebrities who have autism and many of them have been inspired to do great things from their experiences.

The celebrities I found all say that autism helped them with their success. Susan Boyle says that her autism helped her become who she is. She also says that autism Doesn’t define her it’s what she does that defines her (Mahfood). James Durbin says that he was inspired to make it to “America’s Got Talent” season 10 (Mahfood). He was was inspired to make the song “Screaming” describing his experience (Schocker). All of the celebs I found say that they don’t regret getting diagnosed autism because it has helped them to become who they are.

Their experiences are shocking, but interesting. Daryl hannah says that she was about her having autism. But when she got older she became more open to people about her autism, even herself (Mahfood). Courtney Love had many things in her history that is related to her disorder (Mahfood). She was kicked out of school many of times (Mahfood). She was traveling from family to family (Mahfood). She also has a history of doing drugs but there isn’t much evidence that it’s related to her disorder (Mahfood). Many of some celebrities have the same experiences and some are different from others.

In my research I have found that many celebrities have some sort of autism that they have learned to live with or have used to their advantage. One of the things I have learn is that not all people have the same disorder characteristics. Many people can be different than others. I have learned that is that celebrities live like regular people. These celebrities don’t let their autism stop them from living their lives. Their experiences are all unique and I am glad but I want to learn more about them.