Independence and Education for People with ASD

My research topic is employment and independence for people with ASD. My research question is, “What areis employment and independence like for people with ASD?”. I am interested in this topic because I wanted to know more about how it is and some of the strategies that people with ASD use to be successful. This question relates to “From the Margins and the Mainstream” From Temple Grandin, because in the chapter it talk about some tips on how children with ASD can start to be independent and employed. Employment and independence are a very big and important issue for teens with ASD because some adults with ASD aren’t independent or employed; as a matter of fact up to “80% of adults with ASD do not have full-time jobs” and it is usually because of their difficulties socializing.

Employment and independence are a very big and important part in any teenagers life, especially teens with ASD. In my source #3 card it states that a lot of people have very low faith in people with ASD to be independent. In order to promote independence use specific methods. In source #3 it’s important for your ASD child to go to college and have a major. The transition in school usually starts at age 16. I think that in order to do a successful transition schools need to start working with children with college and their future. ASD children should also have to be pushed in order to be independent. Even though for some autistic people it is not realistic for them to go to college, it is for some and if you have the capability and opportunity to go I strongly suggest you do it.

However people with ASD usually aren’t independent and may not get taught about employment and independence. Some may say that people with ASD aren’t able to ever get a job or go to college and be independent. Some say and show otherwise. For example “Temple Grandin, an American professor of animal science at Colorado State University”says  She is an extremely intelligent individual and has achieved many great things in her life and she is autistic. So if she can do it there is no reason why why your child can’t. My question has been why don’t parents or schools sometimes teach their kids about employment and independence? . I think that is just nonsense because it’s the teacher’s job to teach! The transition should start early. One of the first and most important steps to be successful in independence is to learn communication skills and learn manners. Communication and socialization is key also table manners and always be respectful by saying please and thank you. Just because some schools and parents don’t prepare their ASD children does not mean your child shouldn’t. An independent and employed adult always has a bright future.

In addition about 80%of adults with ASD do not have full-time jobs and it’s not because they can’t but it’s because they have difficulty socializing. Socializing is key if you want to be employed in a good job. First you have to strengthen your communication skills and always push your child to speak according to . Some jobs that aren’t recommended for people with aspergers are air traffic controller, airline ticket agent and cashier. Even though they are many more they still need to find the job that fits them just right and always remember to sell your work not yourself. It’s important for asperger’s children to have their future set and ready in order for them to have good fit job.

I will not only say it once but twice, employment and independence is super important! These seem to be a big issue for ASD teens because some adults with ASD aren’t employed almost up to 80% of asperger’s adults. The percentage is really large because of their difficulty socializing. I think my research went very good because I learned a lot about why they aren’t employed or independent and i learned many strategies people use. Remember it’s always important for people to stand up for the rights of disabled people especially when it comes to their way of living, independent, employed or not.


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