How do you get a 20% smaller cerebellum than normal? I am interested in this topic because of Temple Grandin’s struggle with autism. This relates to Temple Grandin because when we as a class were reading her life story right in the beginning she states that she has a 20% smaller cerebellum than normal. My question to find out the answer to is how do you get a 20% smaller cerebellum than  normal? Families and teachers can help children with a smaller cerebellum by taking it slow and parents need to look at what they are good at and the strategies that doctors have to offer. What we should do to support the children and families that need help to overcome a this deficit children need to be helped slowly. This is a very common birth disease and defect.

If you were to have a smaller cerebellum than normal, then you might have autism or something similar to that. Your cerebellum is the main part of your body that controls almost everything that you do. “The cerebellum controls walking, balance, and your eyes”(Chiari Malformation). So this would mean you would have incoordination. “If your cerebellum is smaller than normal your movement is more unsteady and clumsy”(What is the cerebellum and what does it do). “When you have a smaller cerebellum this also means that you can get easily distracted and that you have shaky hands”(Living with Cerebellar Hypoplasia). I actually have someone in my family that can relate to this because my cousin’s daughter has a brain disorder just like the one i’m talking about now she does have autism and I seen her recently and I can tell how her mind works. Having a smaller cerebellum is a disability that  makes it hard to keep, balance, focus, and clumsy.

The effect of having a smaller visual cortex is that movements and seeing is more difficult than normal.  This all connects the the hemispheric part of the mind which is the biggest part of the mind.“Some things that come from having a small cerebellum is that you can get dyslexia or your motor movements aren’t able to function”(The Cerebellum. Does Size Matter). “Your cerebellum also controls memory, cognition, and you would have a chance of learning disabilities”(The Cerebellum. Does Size Matter).  This is where people go in with the Cine Mri to study the cerebrospinal fluid.“This happens when you’re born and a syndrome that I found is Chiari Malformation”(Cerebellar Hypoplasia).  The thing that they also do to help these children with this deficit is they use decompression to help, decompression is when they release pressure from your cranium and spinal cord.Even if kids ever get this they will usually have some struggles ahead of them because this controls most of their bodies and how their bodies work. In some ways you can overcome this but in other ways you can’t but if you have faith the sky’s the limit. However, children with a smaller cerebellum usually have a smaller visual cortex and this controls the motor movements in the body.

For example is you have a smaller cerebellum means that we can overcome this by running tests/scanning the brain. “The things the doctors use to look at the brain are mri, ssep scans, cat scans”(Cerebellar Hypoplasia). What these things mean are magnetic resonance imaging, somatosensory evoked potential, computed tomography. “Some other type of brain scans are baer and etv”. Baer mean brainstem auditory evoked response and etv means endoscopic third ventriculostomy. “There is another disease called truncal ataxia and this disease is when you body falls backwards and is caused by a midline cerebellar lesion”(Chiari malformation). The reason why I chose these words is because these words deal with talking about the mind and scanning it which it very helpful if you want to find out if something is wrong. In addition, specific strategies like using technology can be used to study the brain.

Families, teacher, and supporters can help children with a smaller cerebellum by taking it slow you need to look at they are good at you have to be strategic. The research that I have done for my project has changed my perspective so much because I shouldn’t be that person who  does not support children with disabilities. I have to be mindful because they deal with everyday and I do not. So when I go to school I try so hard to support them because they have been threw much more than me. People in the world society and in life are or can be disrespectful to people with this disability. Knowing what I now, things I want to do is be mindful about what I say.

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