My research topic was about autism. I was interested in this because I want to know the symptoms and what causes autism. This relates to Temple Grandin’s chapter because it talks about the autistic brain. My research question was “what causes autism and what are the symptoms”? My thesis is that Autism can be very hard to deal with but  do have a special way to think about things.

People with autism have trouble being social and their symptoms are repeating certain behaviors(Autism). This supports my claim because it explains that autism is a disabilty that people have when they aren’t social (ADHD ). This supports my claim because it explains that many autistic people understand better by visual aids ( ADHD). Autism can also be known as “Autistic Spectrum Disorder” ( Autism ).

Some symptoms of Autism might be language impairment, repetitive behavior, anxiety disorder, sleep deficits, mood changes, seizures. ASD people tend to do best when they have a structure schedule or routine and have a hard time applying what they’ve learned into one setting. Many children with autism find it easier to understand the world about them through visual aids. Comic strip conversations help them to develop greater social understanding.

ADHD is another form of autism and this disease comes as an adult. Helping ADHD in school can be by arranging a meeting to discuss the development of your child’s behavior. Another way to support in school is to set a routine for homework and ensure your child has an activity.


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