Autism research

A topic not many people know about is what Autism is, its symptoms, and diagnosing. The reason why I am interested in this topic is I am Autistic and I want to learn more. This topic is related to Temple Grandin’s chapter “From the Margins to to the Mainstream” because they are both about Autism and written/co-written by someone Autistic. The research question is, “What is Autism, what are the signs and symptom, and how is it diagnosed?” Autism is a diverse disorder that has a lot of symptoms that differ from person to person.

Autism is a spectrum disorder that varies from person to person. One way it varies is that only one-third of people who have autism stay nonverbal, and also one-third have an intellectual disability (What is autism).Though two-thirds do learn/develop speech and two-thirds don’t have an intellectual disability. This supports my claim because it is only some who stay nonverbal or have an intellectual disability. Another way it varies is it mostly affects boys not girls “… 1 in 68 children in the United states. This includes 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls” (What is autism). This is relevant to the claim because it shows that it affects people differently from their gender. Although it is different for everyone there are symptoms/signs that are commonly seen.

Furthermore, some symptoms/signs of Autism are somewhat easy to find, and some are hard to find. Symptoms for Autism first show up in early infancy or the first few months or years of life (Diseases and Conditions Autism). Also each kid has a unique pattern of behavior and level of severity(Diseases and Conditions Autism). This supports my claim because it says when to look for the symptoms and that they are not always the same and can be subtle. Also some symptoms have been seen in multiple cases of Autism; they are:” not responding to name, poor eye contact, repetitive movement, moves constantly, maybe unusually sensitive to light, sound, and touch, yet somehow oblivious to pain”(Diseases and Conditions Autism). This says some of the different symptoms of Autism and if parents know about this Autism would be easier to find. These symptoms are not always the same.

Therefore, Autism is hard to diagnose because of how diverse it is and some ways to diagnose Autism are not used to just diagnose it. Some of the tools/ways to diagnose Autism are: observations of communication and behavior; speech,language, social, and behavioral tests, and a flawed criteria(Diseases and Conditions Autism). I say flawed because they said when I was younger I did not have Autism because I was too social . This is the more complex way of diagnosing Autism. Another way are parents and multiple doctors (to get more than one opinion and it takes months to get a diagnosis). Also, there are no medical exams that exist just to diagnose Autism(Autism Diagnosing). This is the other way to diagnose Autism there is no easy way to diagnose it yet. So in the end we still don’t have a quick and easy way to diagnose Autism.

Autism is a diverse disorder with many symptoms making it hard to diagnose. The research gave me more knowledge of Autism like how boys more commonly get Autism than girls. Even though I know all of this I still want to know the rest of the symptoms and treatments to have a better understanding.

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