Autism History

My research topic was what famous people have Autism and when was Autism found? I was interested in this topic because I wanted to see what famous people had autism because it shows they overcame challenges and I wanted to see how people felt about Autistic people when they first found out what it meant. In the 1800’s lots of people thought that autism was being mentally ill or retarded or even being a psycho because doctors and other people didn’t know what autism meant, but through investigations scientists found that autism wasn’t being a psycho or anything like that they just had troubles socializing. I think this relates to Grandin’s chapter because people from her high school thought she was weird and dumb but in the science class she showed how smart she is.

In the 1800 they started using the word autism but didn’t know what it meant but more and more doctors started to investigate what it actually meant. The first doctor I saw that had linked autism to mental retardation was Dr-John Langdon {History of Autism} .  One piece of evidence was a Doctor named Leo Kanner , “ In the 1940 Autism changed Leo Kanner in the United States [1944] hans asperger in Germany conducted a research describing individuals with social and emotional limitations that are also demonstrated withdrawn behavior. This connects to my claim because doctors made assumptions without knowing what the term autism is . “ Autism came to better known in the 1970’s the Erica Foundation started educating and therapy for “psychotic” children in the 80’s many parents still confused autism with mental retardation and psychosis “  [ Dr. Ananya Mandal,MD ], I think that connects to my claim because through more time and lots of investigations they made and got more knowledge on autism. I believe that now in 2017 people know how to respect people with autism because they are smart but learn in different ways than others, but some people still have trouble understanding how they act.

The second part of my research was what famous people had Autism and I found 3 important people that stuck out to me. One of them was of course Temple Grandin, she was an advocate who rose to fame as an author of several books on autism in addition to the film in 2010 about her autistic life. My second person is Dan Aykroyd “ academy award nominated actor and writer Dan Aykroyd has been contributing to films since the late 1970’s”. My last person is Satoshi Tajiri the owner of pokemon he was diagnosed with asperger syndrome. [ Autism Speaks ]  

In the 1800’s lost of people thought autism was being Retarded or being a psycho but through investigations and doctors understanding what autism means they found that autistic people just had trouble socializing like Temple Grandin in her movie. I feel like my research made me see that kids with autism shouldn’t be made fun of or taken advantage of becseu they are human too. Something I want to learn more about is how people that were autistic got jobs from the 1800’s to 1900’s because at those times they saw autistic people as psychos.These famous people with autism were really successful from writing about their own lives like temple, Bill Gates making a big multi-trillion business such as Apple, The owner of Pokemon. I believe these people were successful because they overcame being autistic and because of how famous

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