My research topic I chose to do is autism. The reason I am  interested in my topic is because I want to know the struggles and the obstacle they have to go through. How does it relate to Temple Grandin’s chapter “from the margins to the mainstream. It connects to  “Temple Grandin’s”because Temple was born with autism. Autism can affect people’s lives in different types of ways.

There are many causes of autism. There are multiples causes of autism rather than just one.(What causes autism?) I found that in 1959, and 1960 there was a belief that the causes of autism was caused by parental coldness forward their child/people. Now scientist know that it’s not true that parents are the causes of autism. ”other potential causes of autism are environmental toxins, including pesticides and heavy metal such as mercury. It may be that people with autism are those at higher risk for developing or more sensitive than others to these toxic(source 5).

Autism can make your brain develope differently than other people. “Dynamic brain changes are happening within the first year of life, and these changes are different from what’s happening in the brains of typically developing kids,”. I chose this quote because it talks about how people with autism brain develops differently than typical people.

There are behavioral differences of many individuals with autism. “Most scientists generally agree that autism results from series of a abnormalities in a child brain development and function. Other studies show that a cluster of unstable genes might impair a brain development causing autism”. Autism explored “a genuine lack of maternal warmth as a possible explanation for autism. It says that “ it’s unlikely that autism affects just one of the brain alone”.

Autism can lead to your brain developement and can cause your behavior to change. Even if you have some type of disorder or disability you can still be successful. I wanna know if scientists have try to find a cure for autism people.

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