My research topic is Autism. I was interested in this because I found out autism people think differently and I wondered if there mind was more advanced than the normal mind. It relates because in Temple Grandin’s chapter from the Margins to the Mainstream she says there’s different thinkers some examples are picture thinkers, word fact thinkers and pattern thinkers so this made me think that there minds was advanced because normal thinkers can’t do that. My research question is, “Are people who are autistic have a advanced mind or is it slower than the normal mind?”

The answer to that is no there brain development is slower than the normal mind some evidence for that answer is ¨although most children with autism are diagnosed before they are 3 years old this new study suggest that delays in the brain development continues in adolescence(Source#1). They talk about how their brains delay this shows that autistic minds are slower that the normal mind (source #2). In conclusion this research shows that autistic brain development is slower.

Some interesting facts about autistic people. The number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder is rising fast each year and has continued to rise each year(source #1). I found that people with autism are left handed and that there parent are left handed too (source #3) .I think this means that most people are who are autistic they are left conclusion this shows that autistic people are affected by certain things.

I also found facts abound how autistic minds are different and how it affects them. The autistic brain of a child with autism develops more slowly during this crucial period of their life those children may have an especially difficult time struggling to establish personal identity (source #3). So i think this is saying there brain is holding them back from being themselves. Another piece of evidence is the brain regions where growth rates were found to be the most altered were associated with the problems autistic children most often struggle with social interactions, communication and behavior (source #4) this shows that autistic people have social problems. For example like many autistic people they systematize constantly and they also have extreme amounts of empathy (source #4).

In conclusion autistic brains are slower than the normal mind and all the evidence I gathered up shows it. This research showed me that autistic people are unique in their own way. I want to know why it affects their social skills and emotions.

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