The topic I will be researching is Alzheimer’s. I was interested in this topic because it caught my attention how it can affect your brain. It connects to Temple Grandin’s because she was talking about autism and how it can cause disabilities, Alzheimer’s connects to the text and autism because they both have in common that something in the brain is affected. My research question is, “What is Alzheimer’s and is there a cure for it?” Alzheimer’s is a very bad disease; It has 3 stages and  there is no cure but there is drug and non-drug medications.

Alzheimer’s is a very bad disorder that people can get when they are old. “ Alzheimer’s disease leads to the loss of connections between nerve cells, and eventually to the death of the nerve cells and loss of brain tissue”(What is Alzheimer’s disease?).  It is important because it makes me think how painful and distressing it would feel like to have nerve cells shut down. Alzheimer’s disease is a very severe disease that slowly kills you(What is Alzheimer’s disease?). This evidence is telling us how Alzheimer’s disease is pretty much like torture because you are slowly being hurt and over time you die. Moving on to the 3 stages of Alzheimers.

In addition there are 3 stages in Alzheimer’s disease.  There are 3 stages to Alzheimer’s disease, 1st. Early mild stage, 2nd. Middle stage, 3rd. Late stage (About Alzheimer’s Disease). This evidence shows the 3 main stages of Alzheimers. “Late stage includes recognize faces but forgets names, mistakes a person with someone else”(About Alzheimer’s Disease). This evidence says what symptoms the late stage may have. This also shows how there memory part of the brain will get messed up and not remember little things about people.

However there are drug and nondrug medications you can take to slow down Alzheimer’s. “ There is multiple ways to slowing down Alzheimer’s, one way is doing daily exercise and eating healthy. There are other ways to calm your anxiety down when you have Alzheimer’s, one way is music therapy it calms you down (Lawrence Robinson, and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D.). This evidence makes me think about people without Alzheimer’s would they be able to calm down with music too even though they don’t have alzheimers. “ Examples of medications are tricyclic antidepressants, such as nortriptyline” (Treatments for Alzheimer’s disease). This evidence shows how what medicine they may take to relieve some stress.  Also they have a risk factor of aggression, doctors say if they are aggressive you may put some of their music to calm them down.

Alzheimer’s is a very bad disease it has 3 stages and there is no cure but there is drug and non-drug medications. This research made me think on how people treat each other at school without knowing what problems they have. It also made me think on how they live in their daily life if they get bullied or if they get help from people. One thing I would like to change is I would like to help out people with problems because I don’t think it’s fair that they don’t get treated the same as other people.



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