All about the brain

The research topic that I have chosen to research is what are parts of the brain and what are their functions. I chose  to research this topic because I have a lack of knowledge in that certain subject and I want to start learning about the brain. This relates to Temple Grandin because Temple Grandin has a brain deficit called autism and having autism affected her brain and some of her actions, and how she saw the world. So I decided to research what are the parts of the brain and their functions. From researching this I have learned that the brain is a very complicated organism and there are 3 major components the brain, which are the cerebrum, cerebellum, and the brainstem, and they all make survival easier.

One important part of the brain that I have learned about is the cerebrum which controls some basic survival actions. The cerebrum is made into four parts: the frontal lobe (which controls important cognitive skills), the parietal lobe (which integrates sensory information among various modalities), occipital lobe(which controls visual processing), and the temporal lobe(which controls primary auditory perception) (Brain structures and their function). The cerebrum is the part of the brain that is underneath the limbic system (Brain structures and their function). The responsibility that it has is it controls basic life functions such as breathing, heartbeat,and blood pressure. Without these parts of the brain you may not be able to do some basic life functions so I think that is why the cerebrum is important.

Another important part of the brain that is very useful is the cerebellum. The cerebellum is a part of the brain that is divided into two different hemispheres (Brain structures and their function). The function of the cerebellum is to control actions like posture,movement,and balance(Brain structures and their function) without the cerebellum simple task such as walking running trying to sit up and loss of coordination of motor movements can occur. Also the cerebellum is proven to be genetically older than the cerebrum (meaning that animals not as evolved as humans do not have one) for example starfish may not have a cerebellum but humans have one (Brain structures and their function). Great importance is needed from the cerebellum because it is a more genetically advanced part of the brain that we use for our everyday life. So from this you can infer that the cerebellum is one of the needed 3 important parts of the brain because it can be very useful in everyday life and controls very important actions.

There are a lot of important actions and things that the brain does for us and the final part of the brain that is important is the brain stem. I believe that the brain stem is so important because there is 3 different components of the brain stem and those things are the medulla, midbrain, and the pons (Parts of the brain and their functions). The medulla is important because it controls vital functions for the body like breathing, your heartbeat, and blood vessel function (Parts of the brain and their functions).The midbrain is important because it controls the brainstem messages (Parts of the brain and their functions). Finally the pons which is important to the brain because it’s the part of the brain that links that hindbrain to the cerebellum and it helps with posture (Parts of the brain and their functions). With all of these parts of the brainstem together I think that the brainstem can make a very useful and necessary part of the brain and that without the brainstem that there would be more of a struggle for survival when it comes to having full control on your body.

From doing this project I think that I have learned that there is 3 necessary important parts of the brain that are needed and without those parts survival would be difficult.This project has made me learn that the brain has 3 important parts and many other special parts that make survival way easier. From knowing this I now know what are the less important but necessary parts of the brain, although I still have a lot I want to learn because there was still a lot of bodily functions that were not mentioned,

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