Advantages of ASD

When my class was finished reading “From the Margins to the Mainstream” by Temple Grandin we were assigned to write and answer a question of our choosing, I wanted to know more about autism (or asperger’s syndrome, a different form of ASD), more specifically how can people with autism use it to their advantage in their lives. I got interested in this while reading and saw few if the advantages and saw that people don’t always use them. While doing my research I learned that autism comes with many advantages that they could use. But with those advantages also come disadvantages but overall I’ve notice the pros outweigh the cons.

One of the many reasons why autism can be beneficial is that people with autism are able to take in large amounts information at a time even if it’s from a while ago and still remember it quite clearly. Evidence of this can be found in one of the sources that I’ve found, “People with autism often have exceptional memories, and remember information they read weeks ago. They are also less likely to misread something” (Rettner). This shows that an advantage is their memory for being able to remember information far longer than others would. Another example of an advantage would be their testing, “People with autism often outperform others in auditory and visual tasks, and also on non-verbal tests of intelligence”(Rettner). This shows that they have better results when doing tasks that involve that skill and testing. This would be a good to have because it increases your chances for opportunities.  These show some of the many positive advantages that having autism would bring.

However I am aware that there are disadvantages in having ASD. An example of this is though people with autism are easily deceived because of their inability (or limited) to understand when someone is lying. (Rettner) This shows that anyone with a bad intention could easily fool a person with ASD because they are unable to understand what they are doing. Another example of a disadvantage would be “There’s gender bias in diagnosing autism”(6 Pros and Cons of Autism). This shows that there is one sex getting diagnosed more than the other. With males with diagnosed autistic being represented most of the time and females being overlooked. This shows that there still are cons to having autism.

In addition to all of that I have also found some stories from people with diagnosed autism who have used it to their advantage in their lives. In one of them a teen named Jake now lives what he considers a normal lives with autism. The way he was able to become that way is thanks to the help of his therapist who help him practice his language skills through gaming with him (Success stories). Here they used something that he enjoys and is passionate about and use it to his advantage. Another example of a teen who is now happy with his ASD is Mac. With Mac, his therapist used one on one and social groups to help with is autism (Success stories). This gave him the social skills he later needed throughout his life. These a few that I found on a website that shows different success stories of different people who have learned to live with their ASD.

These all answer my question of how can people use their autism to their advantage in their lives. For example they can outperform  others and have an outstanding memory with will help them greatly in their lives. While also being aware that it does come with some disadvantages. But overall I believe now that a person with autism who knows themselves well can use it to better their lives with it.



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