ADHD In Peoples Everyday Lives

My research topic is ADHD also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The reason I was interested in this topic is because I wanted to know how it affected young people’s everyday lives. Also because it is very common. This relates to Temple Grandin’s chapter “From the Margins to the Mainstream” because she talks about different disorders  and how you can support those people. My research question is how does adhd affect young people’s everyday lives. ADHD can affect people in many different ways such as their social lives or their family lives.

ADHD can affect young people’s academic lives. One way that I wrote down is they can be hyperactive in class. This will cause them to not be able to sit still while the teacher is giving lectures.[Dr V A Harpin] Also they might not be as good at certain topics. One topic is reading because they won’t be able to sit still for such a long time. However if a teacher makes small adjustments to their class to help them out they will have a better time focusing. One way is to have them near the front and make sure you are always talking to them and asking if they need anything.[Dr V A Harpin] In conclusion kids with adhd can often struggle in school but if the teachers help them out then there time at school can be a lot more pleasant.

In addition ADHD can also affect their social lives and their family lives. There are many different ways that adhd can affect young people’s lives one way is that they will have trouble making friends. But when they do make friends often they will be long term friends. [Bailey Eileen] One way adhd can affect their family lives is that there siblings can be felt left out or abandoned. This happens because the children with adhd will often need more attention than kids that don’t have adhd. One example of this is when do they have to do homework they will often need their parent there to keep them focused. [Bailey Eileen] kids with adhd will often have trouble fitting in whether it’s school or at home. One way they can help them is by being positive and telling them they did a good job instead of saying they did a bad job. Also you can have a schedule at home like when they wake up or go to sleep or when they can watch tv.


In conclusion ADHD can affect people in many different ways such as their social lives or their family lives. My research has changed my perspective on adhd because now I know some of the things they have to deal with and i now know i have it easier than most of them and i shouldn’t complain in certain situations. What i want to learn more about this topic is what happens when they’re older and will they be able to control their impulsiveness or will it stay the same. Also how adhd will affect their jobs.


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