Challenges In Autism Seen By Society

My topic that I researched was Autism. I was interested in this topic because in class we were reading a book called, “From the Margins to The Mainstream”, and the writer was a woman named Temple Grandin who has autism. She talked about her younger life and how she saw her deficits as a bad thing, but she talked to us about how she embraced them to be able to realize things she didn’t know before. So I wanted to know more about how it feels to have autism and find things that would make them seem different than others. The question that I researched was, What is autism and what are the challenges people with autism face in society? This helped me understand that when someone with autism develops differently, they may face a variety of challenges that may affect their communication skills, but by acknowledging their strengths and by accommodating their needs, there might be a higher chance of them being successful in life.

Autism is a condition that can affect a child’s ability to be able to communicate, and interact, and can cause repetitive behavior. Autism is a condition known for it’s challenges that a person with autism face, such as social skills, speech, and communication(What is Autism spectrum disorder?). Autism can be a serious disorder that can affect a child’s ability to be able to interact and communicate with others(What is Autism spectrum disorder?). Communicating with others is a key to be able to talk about what you need,like,etc. But by affecting a child’s communication skills it can be very serious. As I researched I came across a source saying that, “The term “Spectrum” in autism spectrum disorder refers to the wide range of symptoms and severity. Although the term “Asperger’s” syndrome is no longer in the DSM…which is generally thought to be at the mire end of autism spectrum disorder.”(What is Autism spectrum disorder?). The DSM is a manual for those who have a child who is diagnosed with a mental disorder. Aspergers may not be in the manual but it should be seen as another disorder that is similar to the disorder autism. So autism is difficult especially if it affects your communication skills, and by researching and learning about it more we can help people with a disorder in being successful.

In addition, people with autism face a variety of challenges everyday that can affect the way they act in society, and accommodating their needs can help people with autism work in an environment they feel safe in working in. People with autism spectrum disorder face many disabilities and challenges. They can’t go through this alone and they will especially need your help once they reach adulthood since it is very hard to co-operate in a new environment that they are not familiar with. In the article written by APA Staff it says that, ” Many face significant challenges in getting and keeping jobs-organizing and managing time may be difficult, a busy/noisy work environment may be overwhelming, social conversation and understanding unwritten social rules may be changing.”. This is a reason why people need your help and support on keeping their jobs and getting a job because like it said, it can be overwhelming especially if you have a disorder. There is an act that is trying to help people with disabilities and genetic disorders by making their voices be heard. This act is called “The Americans with Disabilities Act”which requires workers to provide accommodations for people with disabilities and people with genetic disorders and even syndromes. Some examples of accommodations may include, “allowing the use of headphones or earplugs, changes in lightning,providing mentors on the job, being very specific in writing about tasks and expectations…”(APA Staff). Having a disability is hard but that doesn’t mean you can’t do the things you want to. We shouldn’t see them as someone who can do things because of their disability but embrace them for who they are as a person.

However, despite their differences and challenges, every child and adult is the same as any other child or adult in the world. Some may develop different and that can affect the way they communicate especially when it connects to neurodevelopment. This can make the child or adult seem different since they act different than others, but keep in mind that they are the same. There can be delays that can affect their development but that doesn’t mean they cant improve. Having early treatment and help with their skills can boost their strength which can very good as a child(Mayo Clinic Staff). It is true that talking is a key component of communicating and it is also true that communication can be more than words. Communication can be either nonverbal or verbal behavior(Mayo Clinic Staff). Even though a child might talk about one thing then they need your help and support to connect to those needs that they are trying to tell you. It says that,  “If your child is talking, but only talking about the things that he’s interested in or doesnt connect what he says, he’s showing you that he’s having trouble turning into people and still needs to work on using communication for social purposes.”(Mayo Clinic Staff). So if your child is having a hard time communicating, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t cooperate with others but that they need your guidence and help and patience is the main key of being supportive and helpful to your child.

People with autism have many deficits in their lives and it makes it harder for them to be able to see their strengths, but by helping and supporting them, then they will be able to open their eyes and see that their strengths were there all along. With opening their eyes they will be able to feel better and not see their deficits as a bad thing. Yes, they did have challenges but it is time to embrace and see them as a key of being successful. In the beginning of this semester, I thought that schools, restaurants, store, etc. had accommodations for those who need them the most. Some are treated as everyone else but in reality they need more help especially since their brain develops differently than anyone else. This changed my perspective that people with special needs and disabilities need more help than ever especially from their family. I think there is no excuse of treating everyone the same because there are people in the world who need help in being able to cooperate but they will need accommodations that can help them fit in, rather than separating them from other people. Knowing what I learned from this research, I would like to do more research on how the brain functions in someone who has a disorder or disability because the brain plays a big role in the body. By researching more about it I will be able to connect to what I already learned from the brain and autism to be able to determine how it feels to be someone with a disability or disorder.

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